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About Quantik

Quantik is a customer-oriented service provider for academia and industry. It was founded in 2012 and is a privately held company in Berikon, Switzerland, close to Zurich. Quantik was founded by Dr. Daniel Stekhoven after his PhD at ETH Zurich in Mathematics/Statistics.

Next to contract research and data analysis, we also offer customized courses for statistics and its application using for instance the free environment for statistical computing R.

Our goal

To provide your group or firm with tools to plan and achieve your scientific or business goals. We accomplish this through statistical analytic processes along lines dictated by your special field and requirements. It is one of our greatest concerns that our product - irrespective of its complexity - once finished is as straightforward to you like any other part of your daily business. This is how we believe to propagate quantitative thinking into the economic landscape and make it more efficient and sustainable.

Statistical Consulting

Do you have data but require knowledge? We counsel you with regard to your statistical question such that your projects can be purposefully and instructively accomplished. We support your team, identifying uncertainty without loosing valuable time and using information efficiently and correctly. Accelerate your analysis or intelligence branches with targeted support through our statistical expertise.

Data Analysis

Are you out of time and out of experts? Deploying your analytic workload to us will yield more productive time for your team and deliver faster project accomplishment. We develop turn-key solutions for you questions and deliver decisive results in comprehensive reports. Let us care about the technical aspects of your statistical analysis, while you focus on your core business domains.


Fed-up with decisions based on short-lived trends or ill-interpreted third-party information? Contact us and discuss your options in training your team.

We train your employees at all levels of dealing systematically with uncertainty. By raising awareness for statistical content decisions become more sustainable and the susceptibility to misinformation is minimised.

Starting at novice-level statistics and data science primers the Quantik training portfolio extends to lectures in statistical concepts such as survival analysis, missing value imputation or multiple linear regression.

R Courses

We offer one-day tutorials for using the statistical software R, or do you prefer a 1 - 3 day course for advanced users? Maybe you are interested in a high-intensity 1-on-1 training to boost your quant skills with R or to learn about a specific R package, e.g. ggplot2, with your whole team? Contact us for details.

Contact Quantik

Although we prefer personal contact to our customers, we do provide all of our services online or discuss doability on the phone. Feel free to contact us at anytime. We are glad to receive your call or email.

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